Pressure builds for Obama to approve Keystone XL Pipeline

The latest government report is about to come out and according to insiders familiar with it’s contents, the Keystone XL pipeline WILL NOT significantly impact carbon emissions or man-caused climate change. This is something that we and others (like the Obama-supportive AFL-CIO, for example) have been saying all along, leading even Bill Clinton to endorse the pipeline. Obama now has every excuse to go ahead and give the pipeline the go-ahead.

But, the radical anti-energy activist community is vehemently opposed to the pipeline and they have had Obama’s ear to this point. Interestingly, the President did tout his “all of the above” energy strategy in his State of the Union talk, so perhaps he was setting up Keystone approval? After all, I’m sure he had access to the results of this report in advance of his speech.

It would be great to have this pipeline built and safely transporting needed energy from our friendly neighbors in Canada with thousands of well-paying (union!) jobs being created at the same time. Will Obama stand up to the radical, professional environmental movement? It’s now or never.