‘Private’ Space Development

While New Mexico’s state government gears up to build a spaceport, Space.com reports on a similar endeavor underway next door in Texas.
Both projects were initiated by brazen billionaires, Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson seeking to launch his Virgin Galactic in Southern NM, and Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin setting up in West Texas. Both are supposedly private endeavors, with private companies and investors seeking to make a profit through space development.
The difference? Blue Origin is building its launch site with private funds, on private land, while billionaire Sir Richard Branson is taking advantage of the relatively poor New Mexico taxpayer, conning Bill Richardson and the New Mexico Legislature out of $100 million in public funds, plus a sizeable chunk of public land.
We’re told that a billionaire needs our hard-eared tax dollars for “economic development,” while at the same time we’re asked to forget about the negative impact on economic growth of high taxes and reckless spending by the state government. Given the Texas economy outperforms NM in almost every measure, it’s clear which approach works better.
Low taxes and limited government lead to real economic development, not welfare for billionaires.

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One Reply to “‘Private’ Space Development”

  1. Apparently, Richardson feels that taxpayer revenue is his own private slush fund. Are you aware that NM is providing aid for No. Korea? I don’t recall seeing this in any of the local media.
    Here’s a quote from a July 6 article in the NY Daily News:
    “We must turn North Korea away from its nuclear brinkmanship and toward providing a stable food supply and more opportunity for its people. This means direct engagement from the highest levels in Washington employing all the tools at our disposal.
    WE ARE DOING THIS IN NEW MEXICO. No. Korea desperately needs Western energy, agriculture and medical technology and, as a result of my trip there last fall, New Mexico is providing aid. Our joint humanitarian exchanges have already sent a team on North Korean heart doctors to New Mexico to learn the latest cardiac surgery techniques.”
    What else has he provided? Money, I would imagine.
    BTW, on Meet the Press Sunday, Richardson admitted to Russert that he had NEVER MET Kim Jong Ill….coulda fooled me!

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