Pro Rio Grande Foundation Letter in ABQ Journal

It is good to have fans. Check this letter out from yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal:

I FIND THAT the blatant bias of Leslie Linthicum’s (columns) is becoming more and more intolerable. Her editorial comments do not belong on the front page where a portrait of the (columnist) becomes more noticeable than the actual content. …
“Run on Guns,” was full of tongue-in-cheek gloating. She selected to scold the fringe of conservative thought such as religious bigotry and gun loving. She does not take into account the heart of conservatism that has been broken by people who “just don’t get it.”
Then she closed by preaching to us worried conservatives to stop wasting our time by being sore losers, closing with the admonition for us all to get along. Who selected her to be the conscious of the public?
I know she once said she could do as well as Sarah Palin, but I would like to see her credentials before I take her front-page grandstanding seriously.
I humbly recommend that you either put her on the editorial page where she belongs or you give equal front page time to Paul Gessing, who is one of the most thoughtful expositors of conservative thought that I have read in your newspaper.
SONJA BAUM Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Journal has apparently been receiving feedback to the effect that they have been carrying too much of our work. I’d like nothing more — and I think it would be great for the paper — if we did regular pro/con pieces with leftist organizations. Until then, keep those pro-RGF letters coming!