Professor David Clements fired for no mask/vaccine & the CDC finds masking kids ineffective

A few months ago New Mexico State University professor David Clements sat down for a Tipping Point New Mexico episode. You can listen to that show here. The episode is more relevant than ever because Clements was recently fired from his job at NMSU for not wearing a mask while teaching. Clements had ALSO stated that he would not be getting vaccinated (all University employees are required to be vaccinated under the Gov.’s new policy).

No one knows how many other government employees in New Mexico are refusing the vaccine, but it COULD create serious issues for the State’s health care system.

You can watch Clements explain his position in the video below.

And, while Gov. Lujan Grisham has mandated that children in ALL schools including private ones wear mask in school, the evidence for this policy is skimpy at best. The CDC studied numerous issues involving the spread of COVID 19 in school. According to the article/study, “requiring student masking was found to not have a statistically significant benefit. In other words, these measures could not be said to be effective.”

“(Numerous) countries, along with the World Health Organization, whose child-masking guidance differs substantially from the CDC’s recommendations, have explicitly recognized that the decision to mask students carries with it potential academic and social harms for children and may lack a clear benefit.”

“Scientists (the author) spoke with believe that the decision not to include the null effects of a student masking requirement (and distancing, hybrid models, etc.) in the summary amounted to “file drawering” these findings, a term researchers use for the practice of burying studies that don’t produce statistically significant results.”

In other words, the CDC didn’t like the results and essentially covered them up.