Profile on Yours Truly in ABQ Journal

The Albuquerque Business Journal profiled me in today’s paper. You can find out more about me than you probably want to know.

One of the RGF’s supporters did mention something they would like to see, that is, me do some kind of public speaking either for RGF or for other organizations, about my transition from a left-wing liberal to a free market conservative. If this is something that you’d like to have me speak about at an RGF event, or at a function put on by your group, please leave a comment along these lines or shoot us an email at:

Everyone comes from a different direction in terms of their political leanings. I was certainly not born a libertarian. If you want to find out more about what a libertarian is, check out John Stossel’s recent program on “What is a Libertarian?” You can also meet Deroy Murdock, our upcoming keynote speaker.