Profoundly silly article article on the end of oil

The end of oil is coming! Like Paul Revere, two columnists take on “the end of oil” in today’s Albuquerque Journal and come off sounding like a couple of ignoramuses. As an article from a few years back points out, “the world’s reserves of oil and natural gas continued their long term trend of growing faster than production.”

So, it is unlikely that we’ll come anywhere close to running out of oil in our lifetimes. The real reason for this, however, is that prices will rise in times of scarcity. But, if the world ever does start to “run out,” prices will rise to the point that other energy sources are considered. Natural gas, for example, is used in many nations to propel vehicles. If oil prices skyrocket and remain high, we could make the same transition — without needing massive government mandates or subsidies — here in America.

The “end” of oil will be no more of a crisis than was the “end” of horse power or that of whale oil.