Prospective Budget Deal Makes No Sense for Fiscal Conservatives

According to recent news reports, Congress is working on a deal that would eliminate half of the sequestration cuts AND result in higher taxes on Americans in the form of higher customs levies and airport charges.

The more-Pentagon-spending-at-any-cost crowd is eager to restore slight reductions in military spending even if it means raising taxes on airline passengers.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Republicans would be wise to stick to the Budget and Control Act’s spending caps, which have been highly effective in controlling discretionary spending. Federal outlays declined to $3.45 trillion and 20.8% of GDP in fiscal 2013 from $3.6 trillion and 24.1% of GDP in 2011. In 2010 discretionary spending peaked at 9.4% of GDP, but in 2013 it was down to 7.6% and in 2014 will fall to 7%. A testament to the success of the caps is that nearly every Democrat and spending lobby in Washington is desperate to get rid of them.

Our friends at the National Taxpayers Union are enlisting the support of regular Americans who want to continue common-sense fiscal restraint.