Providing a better understanding of COVID 19 Situation in NM

As we have learned throughout this crisis, policy conclusions can often be driven by how you look at the data. The New York Times is actually doing a fantastic job of tracking COVID 19 data. They provide data in ways that quite frankly are not being done (at least not publicly) by Gov. Lujan and David Scrase.

Here is one useful map. The highlighted counties have ZERO deaths from COVID 19. One could travel from East to West through New Mexico or North to South through our State without so much as entering a county that has seen a death from COVID 19 after more than 4 months.

Below that map is a screen shot directly from the Times website. We will provide additional posts using this data over the next day or so.

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One Reply to “Providing a better understanding of COVID 19 Situation in NM”

  1. The governor early in her orders indicated that “science and data” was driving her decisions. That’s is obviously not true months later. It proves there is an agenda here that exceeds public safety.

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