Providing the basics is not “stale”

Former Albuquerque City Councilor Pete Dinelli takes current Mayor RJ Berry (and to an extent the Journal) to task for the supposed lack of ambition inherent in the Mayor’s efforts to allow Albuquerque residents to choose from an array of potential projects designed to make the City a better place to live.

Among the Mayor’s proposed ideas is:

Revitalizing and invigorating the plaza downtown;
Building bus rapid transit along Central;
Revitalizing the convention center;
Creating a “culture loop”;
Rebuilding the Paseo and I-25 interchange; and
Building additional parks and recreational facilities.

While not a big fan of all of these ideas, the charge that they are “lacking in ambition” leveled by Dinelli is just silly, especially when he offers no specific alternatives of his own. As an advocate of local government that adheres to the basics, it would seem that re-doing the Paseo/I-25 interchange is the most important way to improve Albuquerque for the greatest number of people.

Regardless of what I think, the Mayor has asked for input from the community. You can offer your own opinions here.

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One Reply to “Providing the basics is not “stale””

  1. Excellent ideas; just a matter of order ranking and moving ahead. Rebuilding the old Rail Yards is vital as well.

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