Putting Medicaid on the Table

With a $400 million deficit (revised upwards from $286 million during the campaign), Tom Molitor explains that Medicaid in New Mexico should be on the table for some reforms. Leaders of other states, facing far worse deficits, are making more dramatic cuts. Governor Martinez can and should take on Medicaid.

Of course, as Molitor writes, Congressional action to give states more responsibility for, and control over, Medicaid spending, is absolutely essential to the long-term viability of both federal and state budgets.

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One Reply to “Putting Medicaid on the Table”

  1. I believe we should cut Medicaid and lots of other entitlements. It’s been shown that liberals believe they “gave on the tax return” and do very little charitable giving outside of what they coerce everyone into. Let’s remove their excuse for treating their fellow human beings as commodities to be maintained by the government.

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