Questions for the Astronomically Challenged

The new spaceport will cost our taxpayers an estimated $225 million. The recipient of this corporate welfare will be Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic estimates that up to 2300 jobs will be created as a result of them receiving the welfare. That estimate is somewhat vague since we don’t know whether that is all for direct employment or some of it is for businesses that would have sprung up somewhere else absent the welfare. Also, we are told that 100 “founders” have paid $200,000 each for the cost of a flight. In any event, let’s take the 2300 jobs estimate and ask the following questions:
1.) How much is it costing our taxpayers for each job “created?”
2.) How much are our taxpayers subsidizing each founder for his/her flight?

1.) Almost $98,000 per job! Isn’t it wonderful that we can afford such a payment to bring in those poor, unemployed rocket scientists.
2.) $2.25 million per founder! Is that enough to put you into orbit?
I am glad to see at least one other person thinks this is too inconsequential a payload for our taxpayers.