Quigley takes cheap-shots at ObamaCare opponents

It has been a busy week, so I am just getting around to responding to an article by Winthrop Quigley that appeared in the Albuquerque Journal earlier in the week. The headline was “Health Exchanges Faces Challenges.” Well, of course, I thought, the “exchange” concept is unproven, the software needed is extremely complex, and requires input from disparate parties from several different parties. View the exchange flow chart that appeared at the Washington Post’s blog site from Xerox below:

But no. Rather than outlining the very real difficulties with setting up these exchanges (and why that presents problems for the law itself), Quigley simply attacks the views on ObamaCare expressed by Dr. Deane Waldman and HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier, both of whom are on the exchange board (implying that they are the aforementioned “obstacles”). Sure, it is a challenging position to be in to assist in the implementation of a law that you have serious misgivings about (and Quigley could also have done a piece exploring those realities), but apparently he’d prefer to disparage those who have expressed concerns about the law.

For the record, RGF has serious concerns about exchanges (which indeed have received support of organizations like the Heritage Foundation). I wish Waldman and Squirer the best as they work to implement this law (I could not do what they are doing).