Radio interview KSVP Artesia: mid-point of the 2013 legislative session and social promotion ban killed

I recently talked to Mike Jaxson at KSVP Radio about the midpoint of the 2013 legislative session (the file will download). A few good things have happened, but there a lot more instances of legislative intransigence and lunacy that illustrate why we’re 50th in so many measures.

Another example of legislative malfeasance is the unions’ (through Democrats on the House Education Committee) killing of bi-partisan legislation to stop social promotion of 3rd graders who can’t read. $13.5 million worth of additional funding is apparently not enough to get the schools to do their job. And the beat rolls on…and New Mexico kids continue to suffer.

And, while we are unfortunately not able to track votes in committee, our new “Freedom Index” does give voters an idea of where their legislators are in terms of pro-freedom issues.