3 Replies to “Rail Runner FY 2008 Losses Top $19 Million, $37.6 Million Since Service Began”

  1. Airports do not make money eather. Especially small airports, but you do not want to “pull the plug” on them. +
    I hope you don’t complain the next time gas go to $4.00 per gallon.

    Every major country in the world (outside N. A. ) has a comprehensive train system. Even third world countries are building them. Argentinia for example. So what are we, a fourth world country.

    We can’t even make a profit in toll roads, Indiana sold it’s toll road to foreign interest. Other states are considering it.

  2. Ah, I love the transit-lovers’ old canard that highways and airports “don’t make money” and are somehow on par with transit. Well, check these charts out from the Department of Transportation: http://www.bts.gov/programs/federal_subsidies_to_passenger_transportation/pdf/entire.pdf

    Airports and roads are basically unsubsidized (because the users of these modes pay ticket and gas taxes for them). As the charts show, rail and transit are subsidized to the tune of more than 100 taxpayer dollars (not from users) per thousand miles. Simply put, highways and aviation would be just fine if the government got out of “helping” them at all. Transit and passenger rail are entirely dependent on taxpayer money.

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