3 Replies to “RailRunner Costs Are Eating New Mexico Alive”

  1. Supposed to cost: $122M
    Actual cost: $475M

    Costs to operate: $21M/yr
    Revenues ~$2M/yr
    Difference made up by additional 1/8 percent gross receipts tax

    Disgusting. The public should know what we were sold, what it cost to build, and what it is costing. And what else that money could have bought.

  2. Rail Runner saves New Mexico more than it costs. It is not “eating New Mexico alive”
    Rail Runner is hauling maybe 4,000 people each weekday on trains that use only 2.5 gallons of oil per mile.With 180 people average per train, they would use 0.04 gallons each if they drove, which they probably did before the train was up and running. 180 times 0.04 = 6.26 gallons so the train is saving 3.75 gallons for each mile it runs. With maybe 750 miles a day, that is a saving of 2,800 gallons, 815,600 gallons a year worth $ 2 million per year.
    Rail Runner is a much better buy than an Albuquerque bus which save little oil and has a much greater subsidy per mile. ET

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