RailRunner Ridership Continues Decline

Surprise, surprise! The heavily-subsidized RailRunner continues to bleed riders. As Kate Nash at The New Mexican reports, traffic on the train declined 11% from the second part of 2009 to the second part of 2010.

The train’s advocates claim that not running the train for Balloon Fiesta had a major impact (and for one month it did have an impact), but ridership declined every single month. Besides, the decision to not run the train for Fiesta was due to budget constraints and the fact that the train loses money with every passenger it carries. If this were not the case, then the train should have run for Governor Martinez’s inauguration.

Gov. Martinez remains non-committal on whether or not to continue the train in the foreseeable future.

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5 Replies to “RailRunner Ridership Continues Decline”

  1. To the best of my knowledge, the State of New Mexico has NEVER revealed the total cost of the Railroader including track, rights of way and construction. I hope that Governor Martinez will lean hard on the Department of Transportation to reveal this figure. If a true figure is ever released, I suspect that New Mexicans will be astounded at the price tag.

  2. Donations to W.B Richardson from BNSF and Bombardier caused the ( Burro Runner to exist!. His way of paying back for their money donations. ( The best Governor money could buy ! ) Notice the BNSF crews still working on the railway from Santa FE to Raton ??NM suckers paying for it ! Riders were up while it was FREE, probably some are still riding free,while the supporters are driving their Mercedes on highway !Sell it ! Maybe Hugo Chavez ( CITGO ) will buy it ???

    1. Makes me wonder about the spaceport. Richardson is such a
      publicity hound, he was obviously not thinking clearly when he let Richard Branson build the spaceport — primarily at NM taxpayer expense. I’m interested to see what Gov. Martinez thinks of the white elephant near white sands. If Branson had a shuttle built and ready to go, it might be different.
      But a 100K for a quickie ride up, then a faster ride back, I doubt they have bookings years in advance. The state has just been rated 49th in the US in education. Perhaps
      Economics 101 should be required in High School. It’s pretty embarrassing if you think about it.

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