RailRunner Ridership continues decline

Surprise, surprise, as the Albuquerque Journal reports, Rail Runner ridership is down yet again. According to the article, the decrease was 11.2 percent decrease compared with the same period in 2009. That is a pretty major drop and it continues a trend.

Ridership had been dropping as reported by Kate Nash back in May in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

With the state as much as $400 million in the red heading into the next legislative session, it would seem that the conversation over whether taxpayers can or should continue to pay close to $20 million annually for the train. Some like-minded people are circulating a petition along these lines. The tracks have been laid and the trains are running, but the system is not sustainable. Regardless of who the next governor is, saving $20 million annually by stopping the train must be a consideration.

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2 Replies to “RailRunner Ridership continues decline”

  1. I live in Roswell and I was opposed to the railrunner when “big bill” started it and am still opposed to it. If it can’t sustain itself then let die….I’ tired of my taxed supporting something that I don’t have access to.

  2. When faced with the daily use of transportation which requires multiple modes (e.g. car to station + train + long walk or bus ride to destination) and has schedules with more than 15 minutes or so between runs, most people will find that convenience and time savings trump political correctness every time.

    True believers in mass transit believe that we lesser mortals should not be allowed the freedom that our cars provide. Hence, federal subsidies for rail projects like RailRunner suck up gasoline tax revenues better spent on improving highways. The lower the population density, the truer this is.

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