Randal O’Toole’s Presentation and Slides now online

There was a lot going on last week when transportation expert Randal O’Toole spoke at a Rio Grande Foundation event in Albuquerque on May 6th. So, if you did not get to come out to hear what O’Toole had to say, here is the next best thing. O’Toole’s presentation is online at Youtube below:

His powerpoint presentation can be found online here.

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One Reply to “Randal O’Toole’s Presentation and Slides now online”

  1. What a great presentation. Thanks RGF for bringing Randal O’Toole to Abq.
    I think our politicos should be held responsible for the planning debacles and downright fraud being perpetrated against us. They are depriving us of our money and freedom by the present wasteful federal demands of ‘smart growth’ and ‘livability’ attached to federal monies (our taxes).
    Big News: politicians stealing our money and depriving us of our mobility (freedom), while destroying our property rights.
    Why isn’t this debate out front and center in the public sphere?

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