Ranking the Governors

The Washington, DC-based Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank. While not always in alignment with them on policy, we at the Rio Grande Foundation have a great deal of respect for Cato and work with them on a regular basis.
Recently, Cato published its ranking of governors. The study which is in pdf format can be found here. According to the study’s findings which analyzed tax and budget policies of America’s governors gave Florida’s Charlie Christ the highest marks and gave Maryland’s Martin O’Malley the worst rankings. Our own Governor Richardson fared relatively well in the rankings scoring a “B” on the A through F scale. Richardson was ranked 10th with high marks given for his tax cuts and poor marks for out-of-control spending.
Unfortunately, the study did not include VP candidate Sarah Palin because Alaska’s very unique budgetary practices and access to tremendous oil and gas revenues make direct comparisons with other states quite difficult.