Rating New Mexico’s Legislature and Tracking Bills

The entire New Mexico Legislature is up for election this November. And, while the presidential race is generating a lot of noise, New Mexicans’ votes will have a far more significant impact on those legislative races.

We recently encouraged New Mexicans to use our “Freedom Index” bill tracking tool to make better informed decisions about the floor votes taken by New Mexico’s Legislature. While we do rank all legislators based on their floor votes, there are other approaches to ranking the track records of legislators and the prospective records of their challengers. The New Mexico Business Coalition rates all legislators and candidates in its scorecard here.

Additionally, the national American Conservative Union has ranked all of New Mexico’s legislators based on votes taken on particular issues. Their ratings can be found here.

They rated Sens. Cotter and Rue as the top two performers in the Legislature and gave Reps. McQueen and Stapleton the moniker “Coalition of the Radical Left” for their poor performances. There is no doubt that Sheryl Williams-Stapleton is truly part of the radical leftist coalition, but McQueen isn’t the first Democrat I’d lump in there with her.

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