Real Economic Development for Sierra County


Kudos to the New Mexico Business Coalition for drumming up support for the reestablishment of the Copper Flat Mine, which promises to “employ approximately 270 full and part time employees with an average annual salary ranging from $35,000 to $60,000 plus benefits.”

The Bureau of Land Management has extended the public-comment period for the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement until April 4th. New Mexicans who support expansion of the Land of Enchantment’s private sector should weight in.

It’s been a horrendous five-year run for copper — the commodity’s price has dropped by about half, and the industry’s layoffs are mounting. Last year, Freeport-McMoRan let more than 200 workers go at its Tyrone mine in Grant County.

In New Mexico’s moribund economy, every job counts. With $55 million already spent on making Copper Flat active again, let’s hope that the project is allowed to move forward.

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2 Replies to “Real Economic Development for Sierra County”

  1. All that work just to stay barely even; what a sad state
    The extractive industries are absolutely essential, and, yes, they can be done cleanly. The holes can be ugly, but we can fill them up with the computers and iPads the milloonials throw away every six months; got to put ’em somewhere

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