Reasons Your Taxes Will be Going Up

An article linked to from Yahoo’s main page caught my attention “9 Reasons Your Taxes Are Going Up.” While you never know what you are going to get and what the ideology of the story’s author, it is hard to argue with most of the author’s points.
Particularly relevant are number four, Congress’s lack of willingness to reform Social Security and Medicare and our deteriorating infrastructure. Both problems could easily be solved by free market reforms.
The only cause of future tax hikes that I fail to see is number six, “White House’s Free Market Nonaction Policies.” Not surprisingly, the author fails to describe exactly what he is referring to here. Bush and the Republicans have become a big spending, heavy regulation party. This certainly doesn’t fit the “laissez faire” profile.
Unfortunately, it looks like Americans’ tax burdens are going up unless dramatic change takes place in Washington.