Recent radio interviews on Legislature 2015 and the issue of civil asset forfeiture

The most recent edition of the New Mexico Freedom Hour on 770 KKOB included an extensive discussion of the issue of civil asset forfeiture. Guest Brad Cates was involved in creating the current system, but has had a change of heart and Steve Allen of the ACLU is working along with other organizations, including Rio Grande Foundation, to reform asset forfeiture laws.

Here is an article about a serious racial profiling/forfeiture abuse issue that happened right here in New Mexico. The father and son were represented by the ACLU.

The show can be found here.

RGF president was also interviewed on issues facing the 2015 New Mexico Legislature by Dave Marash of KSFR, the NPR station in Santa Fe. As one might imagine, the NPR station in Santa Fe is not a conservative bastion, so there is ample disagreement (without being disagreeable). Check out the interview which lasts just under an hour.