Recent Rio Grande Foundation “Freedom Hour” interviews w/ Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry and Dr. Deane Waldman now available

Recently, I interviewed Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry on a wide variety of economic issues facing the Duke City. These include plans for wi-fi down Central, bus rapid transit, the local and state economies, and what needs to happen to improve both. That episode of the “Freedom Hour” is available for download here.

Also, Rob Nikolewski of Capitol Report New Mexico stepped in to host the show over the past weekend. He interviewed Dr. Deane Waldman, a pediatric cardiologist at UNM, a member of the New Mexico Health Exchange Board, RGF board member, and a writer on a variety of health policy issues. The primary topic of Rob’s interview with Dr. Waldman was, of course, the ObamaCare health law and its ongoing implementation. The interview is available here.

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