Regulations in New Mexico

It is a new year and another opportunity for New Mexico to turn over a new leaf by becoming a freer, more economically-prosperous place. We at the Rio Grande Foundation provide the intellectual ammunition policy makers need.

The latest policy area to cause us concern involves regulations right here in New Mexico. Some regulations may be necessary, but many regulations do nothing but protect well-connected special interests at the expense of consumers.

To publicize the negative impact regulations can have and explain what can be done to make New Mexico’s regulations work for consumers, not special-interests; we at the Rio Grande Foundation are going to send an E-mail every day starting tomorrow. These E-mails will explain:

  • How deregulation can spur competitiveness and economic growth.
  • That deregulation is not a partisan issue.
  • How some of New Mexico’s unnecessary regulations hinder our economy and thus make us all poorer.
  • What we can do to make regulations in New Mexico work FOR consumers and businesses rather than against them.

The Legislature start meeting in mid-January. It is important that if you find the ideas contained in these daily E-mails compelling and interesting that you share these ideas with your friends and family as well as your legislators.

Please forward this and subsequent E-mails to those who you think might be interested and encourage them to sign up for the Rio Grande Foundation’s E-mail list. Also, keep an eye out for media appearances relating to the need for regulatory reform.

For more information on this and other important economic issues to New Mexicans, check out our Website:

See the full paper here.

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One Reply to “Regulations in New Mexico”

  1. Regulatory Reform is a valid part of continuing and effective government and should be in place permanently. I do not understand why each governor comes in and appoints a Commission or a lead, like his Lt. Governor, and then the initiative dies on the vine. Okay, maybe I know it comes face-to-face with the self-interests and dies that way. But we should be a more mature state than that. This Rio Grande Foundation project is a valiant effort and I hope we have some good dialog here……..

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