Rep. Heinrich embracing tax cuts?

In what many have called a surprising move, Rep. Martin Heinrich (a candidate for the US Senate) has come out in favor of dramatic reductions in the US Corporate income tax rate. Heinrich has not exactly compiled a record of fiscal restraint in Congress, so this is definitely a shift.

Well, let’s give Heinrich the benefit of the doubt here. First and foremost, the United States now has the highest corporate income tax rate in the world. Heinrich — like most mainstream economists — undoubtedly views the current corporate income tax rate as problematic. Good for him. I hope he makes corporate tax reduction a central focus of his efforts in Washington.

Of course, the cynic would say, Heinrich is also running for the US Senate. With concerns about jobs paramount in Americans’ minds, coming out in favor of reduced corporate income taxes is a good way to position yourself as a fiscal moderate, regardless of your actual record. This is especially true given the very real problems Democrats — Obama in particular — are facing on the economy.

Personally, while I do believe that corporate income tax rates are problematic, I think the policy uncertainty inherent in ObamaCare and new financial regulations (along with the nation’s deteriorating financial situation) is what is driving current economic problems. Reducing corporate income taxes would be a good move, but overturning ObamaCare and dramatically-reducing federal spending would do more for the economy, particularly if one — like Heinrich — might be concerned with future electoral success.

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6 Replies to “Rep. Heinrich embracing tax cuts?”

  1. What a total, complete, absolute, hypocrite this guy
    is!!!!! He has now gotten the message but don’t
    kid ourselves, he is for RAISING TAXES and continue
    the Democrat’s “Tax and Spend” policies. He will vote
    for whatever Pelosi tells him to………to get re-elected
    but he will never change his ultra- liberal votes.

  2. When Heinrich’s name is mentioned I picture him following Nancy Pelosi in Santa Fe for a fund raiser. My trust is destroyed and I refuse to listen to his talk.

  3. You gotta realize that Marty is running in the next election. In NM that means that a person who has received a government paycheck most of his life needs to fake a move to the right. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

  4. You can either have massive tax cuts or you can pay off the deficit. You cannot do both.

    The single largest contributor to the deficit now is the Bush tax cuts.

  5. Rep. Heinrich is doing what liberals do, he campaigns center right to get elected and then votes the leftist agenda he really believes in. There are Republicans who do the same thing; HEATHER WILSON comes to mind. When she was in the House of Representatives she not only voted for the center piece of Obamacare (SCHIPS-H.R. 3269); SHE INTRODUCED IT AND VOTED TWICE TO OVER RIDE BUSH’S VETO. While she was doing that she sent me a letter asking for a donation so she could “fight” the outrageous things the Democrats were doing in Washington. I am amazed at the claims she makes when she is campaigning as opposed to the way she votes and the kind of legislation she introduces and supports. I wonder if the NM Republicans who have endorsed her really know what her voting record is. If so, we are in more trouble than I had imagined.

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