Rep. Heinrich’s Taxpayer-Funded Pitch for ObamaCare

I have written Rep. Heinrich in the past on a variety of issues. While one of these issues was the health care bill that Heinrich voted for twice and that is now deeply unpopular, I’ve written to him and received responses from him on a variety of issues.

Recently, I received this unsolicited letter from Heinrich’s office. I was surprised to receive it because it had been some time since the health care vote and any correspondence with the Congressman on the issue. But, we are getting close to Election Day, and this mail (known ad “franked” mail) is taxpayer-financed. The letter simply defends ObamaCare and is clearly meant to assist with Heinrich’s re-election campaign. While it is technically legal according to my former colleagues at the National Taxpayers Union, that doesn’t make it right or fair.

This year may see a record number of incumbents go down to defeat, but franking is one of the advantages of incumbency that most certainly tilts the playing field in favor of those already in office.

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6 Replies to “Rep. Heinrich’s Taxpayer-Funded Pitch for ObamaCare”

  1. I’m happy to hear you received a response! I never received one response back! It still bother me that the guy sat in townhall meeting and the people told him they didn’t want socialized medicine and he would contradict them, by saying they did. To me, his is only interested in his self voting with the party every time, regardless of what the people of the state wanted. His arrogance adds to the fray!

  2. Not only does Martin Heinrich use the franking advantage, probably unconscious to the fact that it offends taxpayers, he is immature in his approach to many things.

    Often when I have written in advance of a vote expressing my wish that he would vote for or against a particular bill, he writes back patting himself on the back for going against my request and then blaming the Republicans. Seems to me a mature adult competent to be a Congressman should speak in the context of his own responsibility and that his current position requires more of him than blaming.

  3. If Barela does not win this election, we’ll all suffer the consequences… another two years of Martin Heinrich politics.

    I have given up writing letters to Rep. Heinrich. I receive replies on his “issue of the month”, but never responding to the issue which I requested him to consider… and hopefully not support. He does represent ALL of us… even though he was elected by just SOME of us. It has become apparent, in two long years, that he is not an independent thinker. Another dead fish that goes with the flow.

  4. B.S. People in prison have better access to medical treatment, than poor non-criminals.

    As for what happened in TN, that fire should have been put out then the home owner given a $2000 fine. Though for next year raise property taxes by $75 so there’s proper fire portection for every one!

    1. I’m not even sure I understand your comments here Andrew. You don’t find it questionable that Heinrich sent this unsolicited piece out? Also, I don’t understand why you want to tell these people in Tennessee how to manage their affairs. Obviously, the system has worked well enough for the majority of people there to back it. And of course, as I noted in the blog, the system is NOT privatized. The fire department is still a government-run monopoly, but people need to pay for it up-front through a fee instead of taxes.

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