Responding to the left’s coordinated assault on free speech

In addition to researching and discussing the benefits of free markets and limited government, the Rio Grande Foundation and other free market organizations have been dealing with a series of coordinated attacks from left-wing liberal organizations. Ironically, these left-wing organizations, many of which are themselves 501c4’s, practice the very same donor non-disclosure that they decry among conservative organizations that they attack for non-disclosure which is perfectly legal under the law.

I don’t spend much time rebutting left-wing attacks. That would take too much time away from the business at hand — promoting ways to get New Mexico’s economy and educational system to perform better than bottom-five in the nation. But our friends from Texas at the Texas Public Policy Foundation have provided an excellent and detailed response over at National Review Online.

It’s worth a read to simply understand how broad and involved the left’s efforts go, but also to see how many on the organized left would rather engage in petty attacks over funding sources rather than engaging directly in debates over policy issues.