“Restaurants didn’t do this to New Mexicans. New Mexicans did this to restaurants.” Michelle Lujan Grisham

“Way” back on June 23, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said “you’re welcome” in response to a tweet from the New Mexico GOP asking her to reopen New Mexico’s economy.” Now, of course as the Gov. just announced, New Mexicans face a raft of new restrictions. Who does the Gov. blame? YOU, of course!


New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is shutting down indoor dining at restaurants and breweries and wants people to wear masks at ALL TIMES. Her new order takes effect on Monday (delaying the announcement for three days from making it). But, the new restrictions will have profound, negative consequences for New Mexico’s restaurant industry and its employees. And, of course, numerous businesses throughout our State remain completely closed thanks to the Gov. You can watch her press conference and read more about her orders here.



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7 Replies to ““Restaurants didn’t do this to New Mexicans. New Mexicans did this to restaurants.” Michelle Lujan Grisham”

  1. Non-maskers are now to blame and are being used as scapegoats. Please pay attention to where this is leading. 40 highly respected scientists are calling for the retraction of a widely circulated paper on masks and covid, stating it is based on false statements and flawed statistical analysis. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which published the circulated paper and refused to publish the objection letter, allows authors to choose their peer reviewers.

  2. Paul: I have not commented in a long time. I found the TeaParty, the Republicans and other Conservative groups are wasting their time with the same tired strategies and tactics of “playing by the rules”. We have lost NM. Recommend that businesses leave Albuquerque; Another County or State. Tell them to get lawyers to defy the governor; We can not play by the rules when they do not. The Sheriffs are defying her; We all need to. Unless they prove I am sick I will not wear a mask or “social distance”. People should pull their kids out of APS and defy them. No kids, no funding. I am sure you are better at frustration than I am. It took me only 5 years to get here. One last thing. Biden will never be on the same stage as the President. They will try to steal the election. If we do not become like them they will destroy our Republic. Thank You. Paul C. PS: tell people to get off Facebook and Twitter and recommend what businesses Conservatives should boycott.

    1. Replying to Mr. Chacho, I sadly agree with your pessimism about NM’s future. For some time I have recommended that every young person here needs to have a contingency plan to leave the state for a better job, for a better education, for a better life.

    2. Thank you Paul. The Rio Grande Foundation is on Parler. It is a conservative alternative to Twitter. @RioGrandeFoundation
      It is definitely time for people and businesses to “stand up” and I also agree that people living here need to have a backup plan.

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