RGF “ahead of the curve” on left’s plans to ban gas stoves

With the announcement earlier this week by the Biden Administration that it was considering banning gas stoves, the public was helpfully reminded by our friends at National Review’s Capital Matters (a publication RGF president Paul Gessing writes for regularly) that he had flagged this issue way back in August 2021.

Wrote Dominic Pino, “With the news that the Biden administration is considering stricter regulation of gas stoves over health and environmental concerns, it’s worth remembering this Capital Matters piece from Paul Gessing in August 2021.

And, while the push to ban gas stoves by Sen. Heinrich and the Biden Administration relies on studies which claim serious health problems associated with gas stoves. The folks at Junkscience.com have debunked one of the prominent anti-gas studies. Here is one quote from the debunking:

The claim that gas stoves are responsible for 12% of childhood asthma – an epidemioogic concept called “attributable risk” – is entirely bogus because epidemiological studies can only be used to associated exposures with disease.