RGF endorses ride-share companies Uber, Lyft; PRC says “no”

Check out the full story along with my comments on the proceedings in Santa Fe from Capitol Report New Mexico. This is yet another unfortunate example of policymakers in New Mexico choosing to protect special interests and existing businesses at the expense of innovators and consumers alike.

It is also hard to argue with Rep. Vickie Perea’s arguments in her opinion piece. I’d love to see what Gov. Martinez and gubernatorial candidate (and current Attorney General) Gary King have to say about this issue. Statements by either candidate would give voters a clearer understanding of candidates’ inclinations on the impact of government regulations on New Mexico’s economy. I’d also love to see a Democrat legislator (or more) speak out in favor of free markets and innovation as they have spoken out in favor of a more far-fetched effort to attract Tesla to New Mexico.