RGF had a day in court (10th Circuit to be exact) defending free speech

The Rio Grande Foundation is a staunch advocate for free speech and the ability for speech by those who want to speak without having their name and personal information spread all over the Internet and media outlets.

Dating back to our efforts against Santa Fe’s proposed (and defeated) soda and sugary drinks tax, the Foundation has been fighting against Santa Fe’s donor disclosure rule with legal representation from Arizona’s Goldwater Institute. You can read the details of the hearing and the case itself here.

The issue of free  and private speech is relevant in the US Congress these days with the US Congress considering HR 1, legislation that would chill free speech.


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2 Replies to “RGF had a day in court (10th Circuit to be exact) defending free speech”

  1. The Rio Grande Foundation would do its members a real favor by summarizing the content of U. S. HR 1. Most of us don’t have the time to read through all of the legalese that is present in most bills today. I would really appreciate this.


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