RGF has been concerned about online free speech (and is doing something about it)

Like nearly all Americans, we at the Rio Grande Foundation were horrified by the recent events at the US Capitol building. We have been further devastated by the clampdown on online speech (mostly among right-leaning people) involving big tech companies.

Everyone from President Trump to former Congressman Ron Paul has faced repercussions including outright bans from social media companies while the conservative social media firm Parler was “de-platformed” by Amazon.

This form of censorship is very concerning. And, while the Rio Grande Foundation primarily sticks to state and local issues here in New Mexico, the threat of internet is of critical concern to us. Thus, for over a year we have been a part of the Free Speech Alliance which was created by the Media Research Center.

The Alliance’s Mission is as follows:

The Free Speech Alliance is made up of more than 70 organizations and individuals who oppose the silencing of conservative voices on social media. Members of the Free Speech Alliance are not affiliated with MRC and the MRC does not endorse any of the positions or opinions of the other members of the FSA.