RGF Higher-Ed Ideas Generate Support

Awhile back, our higher education analyst Kevin Rollins outlined the need for greater efficiency at UNM in particular and higher ed in general. This generated an immediate and somewhat hostile response from the University’s president David Schmidly.

In today’s Journal, yet another response to Rollins’ piece appeared. This article, while unfairly criticizing Rollins for conflating CNM and UNM (he simply questioned ways to leverage the best features of the lower-cost institution for the benefit of all students), the author, a former professor at UNM, cited several possible areas for budget savings. This is exactly the type of discussion we were trying to spur with this effort. There is, after all, no question that higher education is a bloated area of New Mexico state government. Input from education experts, former university employees, students, and policymakers is necessary to getting the most bang for our bucks in a strained budget environment.