RGF Hit’s New Mexico’s Supercomputer in Published Op-ed

The Albuquerque Journal has done some excellent reporting on the state’s supercomputer and an excellent new study by the Legislative Finance Committee. Unfortunately, such detailed reporting has not been seen on a statewide basis.
So, in an effort to explain the economics of the supercomputer and just how little sense it makes, I wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Las Cruces Sun-News. In summarizing the case against the supercomputer, I wrote:

The fact is that businesses and universities that expect to benefit from such projects should form their own privately-financed consortiums if a supercomputer is indeed a worthwhile enterprise.
One reason for this philosophy is that private businesses putting up “real” money — whether that is $13.8 million or millions more — have a very real incentive to make such a costly investment only if it is absolutely necessary and will lead to real productivity gains.