RGF launches “Keep Your Cars” initiative — take action now!

Rio Grande Foundation has committed itself to opposing the Gov’s attempt to eliminate gas vehicles in New Mexico. We need New Mexicans from all over the state to send a message to the Environmental Improvement Board through our website: KeepYourCarsNM.com.

Please take a minute or two to go to KeepYourCarsNM to join us in pushing back against the Gov.’s latest overreach. Please share this information with at least FIVE New Mexico friends! Together, we can defeat MLG.

Keep Your Cars NM

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3 Replies to “RGF launches “Keep Your Cars” initiative — take action now!”

  1. This is a really bad idea on many, many levels. Please let market forces determine the viability of EVs… not government zealots.

    When government forces mandates.
    Consumers pay the price.. The affordable healthcare act is a blinding example. Because of govt. intervention I’m now paying 4 times what I used to for health insurance and receiving far less. Banning gas vehicles will do the same…. And it will kill the main source of tax revenue in this state. It makes no d*** sense.

  2. It’s unlikely most of the people who are so concerned about losing their gas powered vehicles will be alive by the time that happens. The RGF is just trying to promote hysteria because they’re in the pockets of the oil companies, which by the way are the most heavily subsidized industry in the world (IMF).

  3. The state government is really sticking its proverbial head in the sand. First of all the causes of climate change are not really settled. Electric cars technology is still immature. The infrastructure to support electric cars does not currently exist. The NM economy cannot support the costs associated with the development of the needed infrastructure. I personally will not buy an electric car no matter what stupid mandate the Governor comes up with. What planet do you people live on, where you dictate what kind of vehicle I can buy?

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