RGF Looking for Capable Reporter to Cover New Mexico Government

The Rio Grande Foundation (RGF), New Mexico’s only free market think tank, is starting a new Capital Reporter project and is looking for an independent, self-starting journalist to cover state government, particularly issues with the state government in Santa Fe.

The idea behind this project is to cover tax, budget, and fiscal issues for an online newspaper. Currently, the paper is online at: www.capitolreportnewmexico.com.

We are hoping to expand operations with video, audio and written content with a capable reporter who can provide objective, factually accurate reporting in these formats for a Web-based audience.

This would be a full-time job, but schedule is flexible. Busiest time of year would be legislative sessions. Salary and benefits will be based on experience with a baseline and incentives based on quality content. We are a virtual office, so self-starter necessary.

Interested parties should send a resume and cover letter or statement of interest to:


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One Reply to “RGF Looking for Capable Reporter to Cover New Mexico Government”

  1. Thanks for forwarding the link to this job opportunity. I might be interested in coming out from under the veil and actually getting paid to do reporting but I need to have some idea of the salary range you have in mind. I have the flexibility to quit what I am doing now if I could sustain myself with research and writing. Thank you.

    PS. For the moment, I have to maintain my cover to keep New Mexico Movida intact. Be assured I am conservative and believe in everything your organization has been doing.

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