RGF on the road to Silver City and Alamogordo

Recently Rio Grande Foundation president visited Silver City and Alamogordo to talk to the Grant County GOP and Alamogordo Rotary. Paul’s talk hit on New Mexico’s economy and its growing reliance on oil and gas (despite protestations to the contrary from New Mexico’s “green” policymakers). Paul also discussed education policy and what COULD be done and IS being done in states from Mississippi to Arizona to improve education.

In Alamogordo he was thrilled to see former state legislator (former and future?) Congresswoman Yvette Herrell.

If your New Mexico-based civic group would like a presentation on New Mexico’s economy and education system please reach out to us at: info@riograndefoundation.org

Thanks also to Bob Flotte and Mike Durler for having Paul in Alamogordo and for the weekly discussions of New Mexico’s economy and politics on Tuesday mornings from 8:25 am to 9.