Rio Grande Foundation offers partnership with Governor Lujan Grisham to combat Coronavirus aftermath


April 2, 2020

Governor Lujan Grisham,

New Mexico faces an unprecedented crisis on multiple fronts. With the rapid spread of the outbreak, the state-wide call for social distancing is proper. These life-saving measures are necessary and we appreciate your leadership. We value life and must work diligently to preserve it. However, these mitigation efforts will undoubtedly result in an economic crisis. Combining that with the collapse in crude oil prices which fund 40% of New Mexico’s economy and our State faces unprecedented economic and budget challenges for the foreseeable future.

One thing is definite: New Mexico remains united in defeating coronavirus. I have never witnessed a coming together of the entirety of the state in the way that I’ve seen in the last three weeks. But some of our greatest challenges lie ahead.

We must also unite in defeating the economic scourge that will plague us long after the coronavirus threat has been eliminated. We want you to know that the entire team at Rio Grande Foundation stands ready and willing to help our state on the road to recovery.

At the Rio Grande Foundation, our economic policy experts have the experience to help New Mexico overcome this challenge and emerge stronger than ever before. We are capable, we are ready, and we are willing. Already we have made some detailed suggestions at our blog site: Consider sending your team there for details but you and your staff can also reach us directly at 505-264-6090.

Please, let us help develop solutions now so that we are prepared to act as soon as we are free to do so. We are together, New Mexico.


Paul Gessing