RGF pours cold water on free buses and “study” justifying them

Recently RGF President Paul Gessing sat down with  KOAT TV Channel 7 to  discuss some of the numerous problems with the City of Albuquerque’s “free” bus program. Sadly, the City Council on a 6-3 vote approved making the program “permanent.” Only three councilors (Lewis, Sanchez, and Grout) opposed the bill. 

You can read the “study” which supposedly justifies the “free” bus program here.

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3 Replies to “RGF pours cold water on free buses and “study” justifying them”

  1. I don’t think any product or service provided by taxpayers, should be “free”. Even at $1/ride, the bus transportation is still a bargain. From the charts in the “study report” it looks like ridership has not recovered post covid, about 1/3 of what it was pre covid. So how are the other 2/3’s of previous riders getting around?

    1. I agree with Karen. Call something “free” and it immediately loses all of its value. Not that it’s not invaluable to those who need it but that seems to be a fraction of what it once was. Reminds me of “Governing the Commons” by Ostrum. Same story over and over again with bad outcomes.

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