RGF president discovers incorrect RailRunner schedule

There are numerous problems with “mass” transit. One of the most frustrating things is when you miss the train or whatever you are trying to ride.

RGF’s president had plans to take his kids on the train over the Thanksgiving Holiday (Saturday) to visit the model train museum in Belen and visit friends. The first screenshot below is the train we’d planned to take (from the RailRunner app for Iphone).  Below that is a shot of the schedule posted at the station (notice the #705 column) and the departure at 10am vs. 10:20am on the app.

Imagine our surprise when no train came because it had already left 20 minutes earlier (at 11:21am from the Montano station instead of 11:41am as reflected on the app)! It appears that several other changes have been made to the Saturday afternoon schedule that differ from what is on the app.  Does no one else use the RailRunner app on the Iphone?

We wound up driving down to Belen and had a great time at the museum and were able to do a number of things we couldn’t have done without a vehicle, but this is a shocking oversight for the RailRunner folks.

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