RGF stands in support of ALEC

The new tactic from some on the left is not to debate and discuss, but to label and shout-down. The Koch Brothers are one group that has been “defined” as evil by the left even though they gave the ACLU $20 million. Another group that has been targeted is ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Here is ALEC’s statement on the smear campaign.

ALEC is merely one of literally thousands of organizations involved in the legislative process. Disagree with them if you want, but they have a right to promote a policy agenda. If you don’t agree with them, start your own policy organization to counter them. This shouldn’t even be an issue in a nation where free speech is protected by the First Amendment, but we live in strange times.

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One Reply to “RGF stands in support of ALEC”

  1. Okay, so if you believe in freedom (and I do) tell your local McDonalds OWNER (don’t bother with the shift manager) that you expect him to adhere to the FREE MARKET PRINCIPLES that made him or or her successful and to continue to support ALEC with their own contributions to makes up the difference from the discontinued corporate contributions.

    My local McDonalds OWNER will probably tell the corporation to go to hell but not all will so we need to tellt hem we won’t buy from them if they stop contributing.

    It is time to confront these Obama communists in the streets and get rid of them.

    Additional benefit: fewer of them to vote five or six times for the commie-in-chief in November

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