RGF Statement on Scott Walker Win

The Rio Grande Foundation is pleased that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has defeated efforts to recall him. This is a major win for taxpayers nationwide and here in New Mexico. Wisconsin policies are now in line with the views of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who opposed public sector collective bargaining. The state has taken a significant step towards closing the gap between generous public benefits packages which are decided in the political sphere and private sector workers whose salaries are determined by market forces.

New Mexico, by mandating collective bargaining, remains to the left of FDR on collective bargaining and now faces a more economically-competitive Wisconsin.

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6 Replies to “RGF Statement on Scott Walker Win”

  1. The Rio Grande Foundation has , over the last several years, written some wonderful articles describing our well paid and bloated public employee sector in NM. I’ve always wondered why Governor Martinez has not posted this information on her website. If every time someone visited her website ,the person could see the facts and figures of how much better paid the average state employee is versus a private sector employee, I think it could make a big difference in swaying public opinion in the state.

  2. As a former state employee I resisted the arm twisting to join the union…I was threatened with termination. I finally decided to retire rather than have to pay to keep my job.

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