RGF takes on EV mandates on “The Overton Window” podcast

The concept of the Overton Window has taken off in recent years. According to Wikipedia: The Overton window is an approach to identifying the ideas that define the spectrum of acceptability of governmental policies. It says politicians can act only within the acceptable range. Shifting the Overton window involves proponents of policies outside the window persuading the public to expand the window.

Sadly, New Mexico Gov. MLG was able to “shift” the Overton Window by simply ignoring the Legislature and passing her policy through an unelected board.

RGF’s president recently sat down with James Hohman of the Michigan-based Mackinac Center (where the Overton Window originated) to discuss the RGF’s work against MLG’s EV mandates. You can listen to the show here.

Explainer: What Is The Overton Window? - Texans For Fiscal Responsibility

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One Reply to “RGF takes on EV mandates on “The Overton Window” podcast”

  1. Yes, it’s the spectrum of ideas considered socially acceptable. But you’re telling me a governor appointed commission isn’t socially acceptable? Seriously? How about Governor Brian camp in Georgia appointing a commission that had the
    ability to review and remove prosecutors? Just one f****** example out of many. Personally, I think trying to overthrow an election is much less socially acceptable and then than the strange example you used in this article as an example of the Overton window..

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