RGF weighs in on Biden’s environmental policies in ABQ Journal

Recently (Monday the 11th of January) the Albuquerque Journal undertook an in-depth discussion of Joe Biden’s planned energy policies and their impact on New Mexico. Reading through the articles there are a lot of promises about how Biden will make the world cleaner and greener with zero negative repercussions for our economy or the environment.

In one article former Obama Administration staffer and current State Rep. Melanie Stansbury argues, “Our entire dependence on carbon needs to be altered across the board, not just in electric generation, but in transportation and industry in general,” Stansbury said. “We need comprehensive action against our climate footprint.”

Gessing simply notes that a proposed ban on oil and gas drilling (or fracking) on federal lands would be devastating to New Mexico’s economy.

The article is full of assertions from environmental activists that “green” energy will both save the planet AND save money.

In a second article, broadly on the same topic, the quote is as follows,

Paul Gessing, president of the conservative Rio Grande Foundation, said renewables won’t replace the extensive employment offered by the traditional energy industry, nor will they provide enough state revenue to offset the wealth generated by fossil fuels.

“I don’t think green energy will produce a real boom for New Mexico, nor for the nation,” Gessing told the Journal. “I’m very concerned about our financial future. We’re racing full bore into wind and solar with government subsidies and mandates, and I don’t believe that’s a net winner for the state.”

While we always appreciate being asked to discuss important issues with the media, it is interesting that WE are the ones labeled “conservative.” Politicians and environmental groups receive massive donations that dwarf not just OUR meager budget, but those of the big “conservative” and libertarian groups like Heritage, Cato, or AEI. A few of the largest environmental groups are listed below along with their budgets and staff sizes.