RGF’s Budget cut ideas more relevant than ever

According to the latest article about New Mexico’s dire budget situation, Dan Secrist, vice president of the Communication Workers of America union said, “cutting any more will mean the curtailment of services.” Certainly, spending less money will get “less government,” but perhaps less government isn’t such a bad thing, especially when your state is spending at far higher levels than its neighbors:

state_spendingThe Rio Grande Foundation published a detailed list of budget cuts. A few of those (like “across the board” cuts to higher education) were at least addressed in the October special session, but there is plenty of wasteful and unnecessary spending still available:

Cut funding on Eliminate Local Economic Development Act: $55.4 million;

Eliminate Film Production Tax Credit: $50 million;

Eliminate Tourism Department: $16.9 million;

Get rid of Job Training Incentive Program: $6 million;

Reduce unproven preschool program: $52 million

Close higher education branch campuses: $10s of millions depending on closings;

Finally, from a separate brief dealing with the issue, Reform long-term-care insurance issues within Medicaid $100 million.