RGF’s Gessing to address grassroots school choice group (in person)

With so many serious issues facing New Mexico children (even before the Pandemic), we need REAL educational choice desperately in our State.

A small group of education reform activists is meeting with a goal of changing that. Paul Gessing, President of the the Rio Grande Foundation will be speaking about the dire need for education reform to that group on Monday, February 22nd in Albuquerque.

The event is sponsored by the New Mexico chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) which is located at: 2808 Central Ave. SE in Albuquerque. Paul will speak for about 30 minutes starting right at 5:30. You can find out more by contacting Edwin from AFP at: 505-313-3290. Zoom MAY be available if you are outside Albuquerque or are unable to make it in-person.

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