RGF’s NM United postcards, coming to a mailbox near you?

RGF has sent out the following postcard to certain “swing” voters. If you are a hard-core conservative Republican who ALWAYS votes in municipal elections (in Albuquerque) you likely won’t get one. But we want to share the information with everyone right here:

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One Reply to “RGF’s NM United postcards, coming to a mailbox near you?”

  1. I believe Michelle gave Peter T. the owner of the minor league soccer team from last years 2020 budget a couple of Million $ to do what? No accountability of our Tax dollars. With the false advertising about no tax liability, plus have this stadium, a new multi Million dollar homeless handout. From past elections history states New Mexican’s will choose a soccer stadium over public safety. APD does solve approximate 50% of homicides, mayor Keller seems to intentionally keep Homicide understaffed for the low solve rates. There is no shortage of murder in Abq, we’ll be well over 100, but that’s Keller’s biden like progress.

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