Rhode Island: Role Model?

A recent article from the Heartland Institute’s Health Care News discusses a proposal by Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri (R) that would result in the state agreeing to a five-year federal spending cap on Medicaid in exchange for more autonomy over its Medicaid programs. The proposal is expected to save taxpayers $67 million.
Most states, like New Mexico, prefer to invest in creative ways to raid the federal treasury to fund their out-of-control Medicaid programs. Rhode Island is wisely attempting to take responsibility for managing a limited budget in the interests of their own citizens.
While it looks like Governor Richardson’s health care plan will not progress in its entirety during the upcoming special session, his plan relies on a massive new Medicaid spending both nationally and by New Mexico. It would be nice if Richardson (or New Mexico’s next governor) would take a close look at what Rhode Island is trying to do instead. After all, we can’t live at others’ expense forever.