Rick Hess charter school talk: “Charters must retain flexibility to innovate”

American Enterprise Institute Education expert Rick Hess spoke yesterday at Rio Grande Foundation events in Albuquerque and Roswell. His Albuquerque remarks were video-recorded and are available below. The Albuquerque Journal covered Hess’ talk and that article is available here.

Education Expert Rick Hess discusses “Getting Charters Right” from Paul Gessing on Vimeo.

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4 Replies to “Rick Hess charter school talk: “Charters must retain flexibility to innovate””

  1. I just looked at a map on the National Right to Work Foundation website. It shows that California, Oregon, Washington and all of the northeastern states do not have “right to work” laws. According to what I have heard, those states seem to be rather prosperous.

    1. Many of those states have relatively high income levels currently, but the right to work states are growing faster both in terms of personal incomes and population.

  2. Where have all the jobs gone? Here’s where some of them went: Since 2000, U.S. multinationals have cut 2.9 million jobs here while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million.

    1. Yes, well Congress and the White House certainly need to reform corporate taxation as a starting point, but taxes and regulations are in dire need of reform. Both parties are to blame.

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